Get your boots ready, prepare your rucksack, keep your eyes wide open, and admire unforgettable views: that's all you need for hiking in Val di Sole!
It is an experience suitable for all types of walkers: sportspeople can devote themselves to challenging routes, while those looking for quiet rhythms can make shorter hikes ... Put your boots on – are you ready to walk?
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Custom holidays in Val di Sole

Whether you are sports enthusiasts, parents with children, motorcyclists or bicyclists, or simply tourists discovering Trentino, holidays in Val di Sole will not disappoint you.

Trentino active holiday

With its mountains and rivers, with snow on the ground or the apple trees in blossom, this is the right valley for your Trentino active holiday. In the summer excursions, bicycling, climbing, canyoning, and rafting satisfy the desires of all types of sports enthusiasts. In the winter you will find more than just skiing. With snowshoeing, skating, and cross-country skiing, Val di Sole has something for everyone.

Trentino holiday with children

Val di Sole is very suited to families with children. Besides the activities promoted by the Mezzana Marilleva Tourism Consortium, our hotel also makes services and activities available that were created just for children.

Motorcycle holidays

Even if you are motorcyclists, Val di Sole will not disappoint you. This area is naturally suited to being explored on two wheels and the Active Hotel Monte Giner makes everything available that its guests may need to organize itineraries and take care of their vehicle.
Weekly activity
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. At the lake there is a refuge where you can eat lunch.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee Not recommended for children.
Difficulty: low
included in Full Board.
For those with Half Board, there is a €12.00 surcharge. Departure: 9:00 with own vehicles. Excursion to the Malga (high-altitude summer farm where dairy cattle is grazed in summer) and return to Caprioli Lake at 12:00 for a mixed grill party.
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. If you wish you can eat lunch at the malga.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee. Not recommended for children. 19:30 aperitif and candle-lit dinner, for children, the Mad Hatter's Dinner Party
Morning: Mountain Biking on the Val di Sole bicycle path
Afternoon: rafting, horseback riding, or flying park.
Starting at 21:30 in Stube Tyrol there is a presentation of the weekly program and welcoming address.