Sport as well as relaxation in our hotel with wellness centre in Trentino

Our hotel in Val di Sole not only has a heated pool but also:
  • Jacuzzi tub at 36°
  • Finnish Sauna: dry bath at 80°-110°C. This is a rustic atmosphere surrounded by the fragrance of wood from the high mountains. The tiled stove radiates a pleasant warmth and creates an enjoyable atmosphere where the natural fragrances stimulate circulation, promote detoxification of the body and have a beneficial effect on the skin and respiratory organs. The dry climate of the sauna is also recommended for chronic rheumatism and arthritis.
  • Vitarium: the vigorous heat and mild steam along with natural essences, stimulating fragrances, peaceful music, and monochromatic lighting stimulate the respiratory tract and immune system.The play of coloured lights creates a special biological effect on the entire body.
  • Turkish bath: a steam bath at 45°-48°C. This bath offers a pleasant combination of radiant heat and steam. The heat radiating from the benches and walls increases body temperature, reinforcing the immune system as you enjoy an invigorating steam bath. Recommended to improve respiratory activity, it also helps regulate pH, hydration, and cleanliness.
  • Kneipp Path: This path stimulates circulation in the lower limbs by submerging feet in special sprays of hot and cold water.

REGULATIONS: Children under 15 are only allowed if accompanied by a parent. Slippers must be worn in the entire area (can be purchased at the hotel). Access to the Sauna is allowed with or without bathing suit.

Beauty Zone: Trentino wellness treatments

Our staff of beauty professionals will welcome you with a wide selection of treatments. The beauty area is open from 2.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.. For reservations, contact the centre manager at least a week before your holiday.

Stay + Beauty: When reserving a Beauty package while confirming your stay there is an immediate 10% discount on the cost of the Beauty package (not cumulative).

Weekly activity
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. At the lake there is a refuge where you can eat lunch.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee Not recommended for children.
Difficulty: low
included in Full Board.
For those with Half Board, there is a €12.00 surcharge. Departure: 9:00 with own vehicles. Excursion to the Malga (high-altitude summer farm where dairy cattle is grazed in summer) and return to Caprioli Lake at 12:00 for a mixed grill party.
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. If you wish you can eat lunch at the malga.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee. Not recommended for children. 19:30 aperitif and candle-lit dinner, for children, the Mad Hatter's Dinner Party
Morning: Mountain Biking on the Val di Sole bicycle path
Afternoon: rafting, horseback riding, or flying park.
Starting at 21:30 in Stube Tyrol there is a presentation of the weekly program and welcoming address.
SEASON END from 612 € per person
from 28/03/2020 to 04/04/2020
April Free Ski - skiing in Madonna di Campiglio Area, skipass included
A “Free” vacation with accommodation that includes a Superskirama skipass.
Sounds too good to be true? Vacation in Val di Sole and ski on 380 km of slopes...

  from € 628/person
from 04/04/2020 to 11/04/2020
Easter Special Offer
Treat yourself to an Easter holiday on the slopes and enjoy a vacations in  Val di Sole that includes a 6, 7 or 8-day SUPERSKIRAMA DOLOMITI adamello brenta, Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta or a Folgarida Marilleva ski pass.
ACTIVE HOLIDAY from 628 € per person
from 04/04/2020 to 11/04/2020
Treat yourself to an Easter holiday on the slopes and enjoy a 7-night vacations in  Val di Sole that includes a 6-day Superskirama skipass or a Folgarida Marilleva skipass.
Offer categories from 315 € per person
from 10/09/2020 to 13/09/2020
Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships
Mountain biking is back in Val di Sole, in Daolasa, Commezzadura, Trentino!A hot summer in Val di Sole, thanks to the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships...2 adrenalinic and spectacular weeks, where the top riders in the world will challenge each other on great tracks!
Offer categories
from 30/05/2020 to 25/09/2020
Active holidays from A-Z in Val di Sole
Do you fancy an active holiday in Trentino? Are you ready for an adrenalin rush? Then Hotel Monte Giner is the right place for you! Here, you can experience an active holiday in the midst of untouched nature and quench your thirst for adventure. Give it a go and rediscover your passion for sports in Val di Sole. 
Offer categories
from 30/05/2020 to 25/09/2020
Exploring the most beautiful landscapes of Val di Sole
Get your boots ready, prepare your rucksack, keep your eyes wide open, and admire unforgettable views: that's all you need for hiking in Val di Sole! It is an experience suitable for all types of walkers: sportspeople can devote themselves to challenging routes, while those looking for quiet rhythms can make shorter hikes ... Put your boots on – are you ready to walk?
Offer categories
from 30/05/2020 to 25/09/2020
Emotions on two wheels in Val di Sole
Your mountain bike holiday? Spend it at Monte Giner! You’ll be surrounded by fantastic mountains and be able to breathe in fresh air, admire breathtaking views, and experience truly unique emotions on the saddle of your bike … Are you ready to pedal?