One of the few restaurants in Val di Sole that combines Mediterranean and Trentino cuisine

The cuisine at the Active Hotel Monte Giner is also special. Ours is one of the few restaurants in Val di Sole that offers an original mixture of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine. Our dishes are prepared using the best products from our valleys, giving each course genuine freshness and flavour.  Typical menus including Trentino cuisine and Mediterranean tradition joined in an original and delicious combination.

A full wine list will accompany your meals, intensifying the flavour of the dishes. The most prized bottles are on display in the hotel wine cellar where the homemade afternoon snack is served.
Weekly activity
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. At the lake there is a refuge where you can eat lunch.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee Not recommended for children.
Difficulty: low
included in Full Board.
For those with Half Board, there is a €12.00 surcharge. Departure: 9:00 with own vehicles. Excursion to the Malga (high-altitude summer farm where dairy cattle is grazed in summer) and return to Caprioli Lake at 12:00 for a mixed grill party.
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. If you wish you can eat lunch at the malga.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee. Not recommended for children. 19:30 aperitif and candle-lit dinner, for children, the Mad Hatter's Dinner Party
Morning: Mountain Biking on the Val di Sole bicycle path
Afternoon: rafting, horseback riding, or flying park.
Starting at 21:30 in Stube Tyrol there is a presentation of the weekly program and welcoming address.
FAMILY HOLIDAY from 255 € per person
from 04/12/2020 to 08/12/2020
Christmas Market in Trentino - Val di Sole
The first weekend of the winter season is dedicated to coming Christmas: the streets are decorated with lights and Christmas trees that will brighten up these cold winter days. 
Enjoy with us moments of relax and adventure in the snow!

SEASON START from 729 € per person
from 04/12/2020 to 12/12/2020
Ski Start - winter season opening on the slopes in Trentino
Do not miss this memorable season opening! Enjoy the first skiing of the winter season with an unbeatable "all-inclusive" offer for a stay and skipass to the Superskirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta!  
SKIPASS INCLUDED from 386 € per person
from 08/12/2020 to 20/12/2020
December Free Ski - December on the slopes in Val di Sole
A “Free” vacation with accommodation that includes a Superskirama skipass. Sounds too good to be true? Vacation in Val di Sole and ski on 380 km of slopes...
CHRISTMAS ON THE SLOPES from 647 € per person
from 19/12/2020 to 27/12/2020
Special Christmas - Christmas on the slopes, skipass included
Christmas on skis with a skipass included? With us you can! Enjoy the Christmas holidays and seize the offer. Choose the best skipass for you...
SKIPASS INKLUSIV from € 984/person
from 02/01/2021 to 10/01/2021
Just press the turbo button on your skis and get ready to try the numerous slopes in Val di Sole thanks to this special offer that includes 7 nights stay in apartment + skipass (6 days)
SKIING IN JANUARY from 714 € per person
from 07/01/2021 to 17/01/2021
January Special - Super fun time on the slopes in Val di Sole
Take advantage of the fantastic snowfalls in January with an “all-inclusive” vacation!
Want to have a super fun time on the slopes in Val di Sole? Then we’re waiting for you with a 7 night stay in hotel + a 6-day skipass...