Rafting in Val di Sole, a unique experience

Noce River, the home of rafting in Val di Sole

The Noce River in Val di Sole is one of the ten most beautiful rivers in the world for rafting and canoeing. This was mentioned by one of the most authoritative sources, National Geographic.

Whether you are already familiar with floating down rivers in rubber boats or if you have never tried it, if you are at Active Hotel Monte Giner, you can't miss out on this adrenalin-filled experience. Rafting in Val di Sole is perfect for the entire family. You can choose the section along the 28 km of river by difficulty and have an expert guide accompany you in this adventure.

Canoeing in Val di Sole

The canoe is famous in Val di Sole where the descent and slalom championships were held in Mezzana in 1993. The "XRaft Avventure Outdoor" recently opened just a few metres from the championship itinerary and a few steps from our Hotel. It is a specialized centre where you can enjoy canoeing, rafting, and hydrospeed, which is perhaps the most exciting river sport. You are completely immersed in the water following the current with only a support that keeps you afloat (hydrospeed) and flippers.
Weekly activity
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. At the lake there is a refuge where you can eat lunch.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee Not recommended for children.
Difficulty: low
included in Full Board.
For those with Half Board, there is a €12.00 surcharge. Departure: 9:00 with own vehicles. Excursion to the Malga (high-altitude summer farm where dairy cattle is grazed in summer) and return to Caprioli Lake at 12:00 for a mixed grill party.
Difficulty: low
Departure: 9:30 with own vehicle. If you wish you can eat lunch at the malga.
Difficulty: medium
Departure: 9:00 with own vehicle. Parking with fee. Not recommended for children. 19:30 aperitif and candle-lit dinner, for children, the Mad Hatter's Dinner Party
Morning: Mountain Biking on the Val di Sole bicycle path
Afternoon: rafting, horseback riding, or flying park.
Starting at 21:30 in Stube Tyrol there is a presentation of the weekly program and welcoming address.